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Strip Foil

Strip Packaging Foil using soft temper aluminium foil laminates. These foils are highly recommended for packaging pharmaceutical items such as tablets and pills.


Thickness- 0.030/0.040 microns.

LDPE Specs: 150 – 200 gauge.

Laminated with food grade LDPE as per Govt. Standard usable for direct contact with foods and medicines.

Blister Foil

Blister Packaging Foil using full hard (H18) aluminum of alloy grade AA-8011 conforming to Aluminum Association, USA, and specification. Further, our quality controllers stringently inspect the products on various parameters of quality to ensure that these are defect-free. Our range of blister packs are available in compact sizes and are economically priced.


Thickness- 0.020/25 microns.

Coating options- 4-6 gsm or 6-8 gsm.

Aluminium Cold Forming (ALU ALU)

Cold formed aluminum foil is at the heart of alualu OPA/Al/PVC foils used for pharmaceutical blister pack applications because of their inherently superior advantages. Aluminum, even in micron thickness, is the best vapor and light barrier besides providing aesthetic shine for pharmaceutical blister packs.


25 microns OPA- Adhesive 45/50 microns- Aluminium Foil- 60 microns PVC.

Child Resistance Foil (CR FOILS) Laminates

Child Resistant Foil solutions prevent children from getting access to medication that could be harmful to them. At the same time it allows easy access for adults and senior citizens.


41 gsm paper - Adhesive - 9 microns Aluminium - 4-6 gsm HSL.


PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) and PVDC (polyvinyldine chloride)are used in pharmaceuticals as primary packaging materials, which protect pharmaceutical product against Oxygen and odour, moisture , water vapour transmission ,contamination and bacteria . These properties make PVC/PVDC the material of choice for blister packaging. available in sizes – 40 g/m² PVDC ,60 g/m² PVDC ,90 g/m² PVDC 120 g/m² PVDC


We offer the largest range of sachet laminates for pharmaceutical products. Customise for your application, we bring solutions to meet your needs for product protection.



Special Laminates

Customise for your application, we bring solutions to meet your needs for product protection. Special Specification are available as per customer recruitment

Futuristic Packaging Private Limited (FPPL) is a premium quality supplier of primary packaging materials for pharmaceutical & food packing materials based on Aluminium foil.

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